in Dufferin County, Ontario

Emergency Medicine

Orangeville is the site of the Headwaters Health Care Centre, a Level C, technologically advanced health facility which opened in 1997. The hospital is actively recruiting 1-2 FTE's/2-4 part time physicians for the emergency department.

There is twenty-four hour support for medicine, surgery, anaesthesia (including RT), radiology and gynaecology/obstetrics, with paediatric coverage available 3 nights/week. 

Some vital stats

Annual volume

  • approximately 40,000 visits


  • 8 hours(double coverage)(0900-2330)
  • or 9 1/2 hours(single coverage) (2330-0900)

Staff complement*:

  • 12 full-time(minimum 10 shifts/mo)
  • 10 part-time(minimum 4 shifts/mo)


  • Alternate Funding Agreement (hourly rate varies with the shift) plus 38% shadow billings 


  • 3 local FD's work in the emergency department
  • 6 physicians are CCFP(EM) certified (not required)
Emergency Medicine

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